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A-Key Funding Solutions is proud to partner with Shift processing

Take a moment...dive a little deeper into learning more about how your business can save thousands of dollars each and every year.  No long contract, No large upfront fees, No gimmicks, just a common-sense approach in accepting credit cards.

As a business owner, credit card fees used to be a guaranteed expense. With Zero Fee Processing, fees are a thing of the past. You can accept credit cards and not pay a fee for the ability to accept this form of payment.

There are imitators

There is only one company with truly zero-fee credit card processing for your business.  Don't be fooled by a cheap imitation. It’s time to Shift the way you accept credit card payments and completely eliminate all credit card fees for your business.  Please take 90 seconds of your time and say "goodbye" to your credit card processing fee forever!

How it works

Shift Processing allows you as the business owner to leverage the power of the service fee to pass your credit card processing fees to your customer. You give your patrons an option to pay with cash and save a % on every purchase. Those who choose to pay with plastic absorb the processing fee for your business and you end up with no fees at the end of every month.

Our goal

Is to help all business owners eliminate 100% of their processing fees. We’ve created this program to make sure that our merchants never have to do any rate shopping ever again. No more reading fine print or sifting through confusing statements looking for hidden fees. Just business owners saving money on every transaction.

Why it works

People understand that the credit card rewards systems have gotten completely out of hand. It's the business owner that's paying the % cashback and triple airline miles for each transaction, and it's an unsustainable model that can't continue.  That is why it makes not only common sense but dollars and cents to make the transition and increase your profits by 3.5% to 3.99% within 30 days.

2-Case studies for your review

Shift Processing Case Study - Complete Car Care

Shift Processing Case Study - Addison Dental


“I am very satisfied with this program. It has been working great for my business. Last year alone, I saved over $15,000” -Debra - Auburn, MI

“I opted to use the cash discount program, and it has worked out great. Customers agree with my action and I think all merchants should consider this program.-Michael - Tuscon, AZ

“I wondered what my customers would think, but they applauded me for not raising prices. It’s been a great move for us, and our customers and bottom line are both happy.” -Nick - Olathe, KS

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