Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Your Source for Business Credit Lines

When you are building your business’s credit, nothing is quite as important as getting your cash flow ordered. Luckily, there is one credit source that is great for managing cash flow and still powerful enough to fund larger purchases as needed. That instrument is the unsecured credit line. Unsecured business lines of credit give you spending power, and it is renewable whenever you pay the balance down again. This means you don’t waste time waiting for approvals for short-term financing, and you always have the ability to make a payment, even when you have money tied up in outstanding accounts.

How Unsecured Business Lines of Credit Work

When you apply for a credit like through A-Key Funding Solutions, you gain access to a powerful product that scales with you as your company’s income grows. Small businesses and startups can usually expect to access up to $50,000. Companies with confirmed incomes above $1 million will find it easy to access credit lines up to $500,000. Regardless of your credit limit, all our credit lines come with a few key features.

  • Rates between one and five percent above the published federal rate
  • Zero percent introductory financing periods
  • 10 minute pre-approval credit checks

For more information or to start a pre-approval credit check, contact us today. Credit checks will have a small application fee associated with them.