Healthcare Financing

Healthcare Financing for Your Practice or Clinic

When you operate in the healthcare sector, your business has to work with a network of other providers and insurance carriers to make sure patients stay healthy. This can create demands for supplies and delays in account processing no other industry has to contend with. That’s why you need a lending partner who understands the unique needs of healthcare businesses and provides you with the healthcare financing you need.

Practice Loans

Versatile and easy to access, our practice loans come in two tiers. Access up to $75,000 with just an application, or up to $250,000 with full financial disclosures. All of our healthcare practice loans have terms up to 72 months. Use them for any purpose you need.

  • Debt consolidation
  • Supplies
  • Personal expenses
  • Payroll

Medical Equipment Leasing

Medical equipment has unique maintenance needs, which is why we dedicate up to half of the lease’s value to maintaining the equipment and covering the soft costs of operation.

Acquisition Loans

When you are buying into or absorbing a practice, you should never have to turn down the opportunity for lack of immediate funding. That’s why we offer acquisition loans worth up to 100 percent of the purchase price.

For more information about medical financing and healthcare finance, among our other programs, contact us today. Our associates can also talk to you about other debt consolidation options for your healthcare business.