Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing to Grow Your Business

You need the right equipment if you are going to meet your customers’ needs, and that doesn’t ever change. Sometimes it means outfitting your company to start operations with the basic machines that will allow you to do work for clients. At other times, it means finding funding to add a new piece of machinery for a specific project. No matter how big or small your needs happen to be, A-Key Funding Solutions has equipment financing and leasing options for your company.

Funding Tiers

All of our financing packages have terms available up to 84 months, and they all come with a variety of options for repayment structure. Here’s how we handle approvals.

  • Up to $150,000 is available with just an application
  • $150,000 to $500,000 is available with full disclosures
  • Over $500,000 is made available to borrowers whose incomes qualify them

Equipment Leasing Options

When you have equipment that will not deliver you a return on investment due to the short lifespan of the machine or the short term need on the part of your business, leasing provides you with a great option. Not only do lease terms allow you to access the equipment without a full investment in a purchase, but they also represent a business expense, making them tax-deductible in ways that a full purchase would not be.

Leasebacks also provide you with the opportunity to sell your equipment when you need access to working capital. You can retain them for use by leasing them from the buyer, and we are happy to help you negotiate that deal.

Startup Program

A-Key Funding Solutions will finance Start-ups businesses, Manufacturing and Medical Equipment, Farm Equipment, Fitness Equipment, Solar Equipment, Over the Road Trucks,  Yellow Iron (backhoes, bulldozers, crawlers, excavators, frontend loaders, pavers, rollers, skid steers, and wheel loaders), Autos/Trucks for business use, Used Equipment for purchase from private sellers and much more.  Since most lenders will not provide loans to companies that have been operating for less than two years, securing funding for your initial equipment purchase can be difficult. That’s why we work with many different startup program.

Contact A-Key Funding Solutions today to start an application for any type of equipment financing.  Please see the customer credit application provided below for those rush approvals.