Consumer Finance

Consumer Credit Options for Your Small Business

When you are looking to increase sales in a business that provides high-ticket cost services or goods to the public, one of your best options is to start offering consumer financing to your customers. By offering credit, you have the opportunity to expand consumer access to your offerings, and people have been shown to be much more willing to commit to large financial transactions when they know where their funding will come from.

How A-Key Funding Solutions Sets Up Consumer Financing

Our program is designed for business owners to operate easily, with plenty of options and tiered pricing to reach you and your customers wherever you are. Here are the program parameters.

  • 580 FICO score or higher
  • Flexible interest rates
  • Six months same as cash
  • E-signature accepted
  • Instant approval
  • Covers purchases up to $10,000
  • We can collect on bad debt portfolios

Consumer Finance Works in Practically Every Industry

As long as your services fall under the maximum, consumer finance options will work for your business. Our clients come from all over the private sector: healthcare and dentistry, private schools, high ticket retail, home improvement, and even some vehicle sales qualify.

For more information about how our program will be able to help your company, contact us today and talk to one of our associates about what you do and how you want to help your customers.