Accounts Receivable

Finance Your Receivables for Better Cash Flow

If you are trying to keep your business running smoothly, you know your cash flow is the key. If you have too much money in outstanding accounts, it becomes difficult to meet your obligations while funding new work. If you have too much cash on hand, though, it is a sign you need to increase your volume of business so you can keep growing. Either way, you often need funding to keep this cycle operating without strong booms and busts. Accounts receivable financing has been built to help in situations just like yours.

Financing Receivables

When you call for a cash advance on your accounts, A-Key Funding Solutions will have associates review your outstanding accounts. They also review your customers’ payment histories. Then they calculate a percentage of the outstanding amount that will be available as an advance. We take over collecting payment from your customers, and after we deduct our fees and the advance, you get any additional funds sent in a second payment.

Benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing

  • Keep cash flowing through your business
  • Access your money when you need it
  • Payment insurance on your customers
  • No closing costs or application fees
  • Reusable—feel free to finance any and all outstanding accounts

To get started with an accounts receivable financing application, contact us today.