How to Build a Sustainable Business

There are certain people who have a creative mind and an entrepreneurial spirit. Some people have, from young ages, a burning desire to start and run organizations and to change the world with innovative ideas and practices. Unfortunately, many of these notions never come to fruition. Some never get off the ground, and other businesses fail quickly. If… [Read More]

How to Collect on Unpaid Invoices

Having unpaid invoices piling up in your company can be a hassle; not only does it create extra paperwork, but it also means that there are funds in your business that you cannot access because someone else still has them. This can happen at an inconvenient time, such as when you need an upgrade or expansion, when you need… [Read More]

Cleveland Investment Properties: Shopping For Lenders

Since many people are getting into the commercial real estate market in Cleveland, questions about financing are never far behind. Cleveland investment properties come in all shapes and sizes, from single family rentals on up to large office buildings and manufacturing facilities. Similarly, no two lenders are alike, so finding the right match for your… [Read More]

The Best Guide for Starting a Career in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate can be extremely profitable if you do things correctly, but getting into the business to start with can be difficult and overwhelming. There are many ways that you can increase the likelihood of your success in the business from the beginning. Here is a guide on getting started in the real estate business for commercial properties. For… [Read More]

Columbus, OH Owner Occupied Properties Offer Big Benefits

Columbus, OH Owner Occupied Properties Offer Big Benefits Columbus, OH is experiencing an increase in the number of owner occupied properties throughout the city. Columbus is one of the major cities commercial real estate analysts are are watching for trends, and the reason for the increase in Columbus, OH owner occupied properties is directly related… [Read More]