6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Small Business Security

6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Small Business Security

When a big business falls victim to thieves, it makes the news. That can leave small businesses thinking they’re immune to such attacks. However, criminals are more likely to target a small business because it usually has weaker security. Here is a look at how to protect your business, both using cyber security and more ordinary means.

1. Make Security a High Priority

It’s one thing to have an IT company put a few security systems in lace and leave it at that, but it’s better when everyone in the company is involved in cyber security. As part of orientation for new employees, make a point of describing what security measures are in place and how a new employee can help these measures function.

2. Keep an Eye on Physical Disposal

Even though businesses are moving to paperless operations, if your business still uses paper for anything important, make sure it’s shredded before disposal. It’s common to throw something away and forget about it, which is where thieves can get important information, if you aren’t careful.

3. Upgrade Locks, Doors and Windows

Small businesses often use older buildings to save money, but that can also mean the locks, doors and windows are old and weak. Upgrading these items means your business is better protected from intrusion and theft.

4. Limit Access to Sensitive Materials

This tip covers both physical and cyber security. Make sure rules are in place about who can have building keys and where these keys are returned. It’s also important to make sure anyone who has sensitive data on their computer knows how to make strong passwords and how often to change them.

5. Perform Daily Safety Checks

At the start of each day, someone should check the building for any signs of illegal activity. This could be as blatant as a broken window or less noticeable, such as a missing chair. This lets you know right away if something is wrong. Another check should be done at the end of the day to make sure all the doors are locked.

6. Have a Backup Plan

No system is foolproof, so have a plan in place in case your locks or cyber security fail. This could entail replacing all door locks if a key goes missing, canceling a lost company credit card or changing passwords after a cyber-attack.

Cyber security, document shredding and strong doors and windows are a good way to protect your small business. With security measures in place, you and your team can feel protected.

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